Meetings & Conferencing

The conference room is the most traditional and widely used collaboration space in any corporate environment.  While the technology has changed over the years, the underlying need has always been the same – create a space where teams can gather to exchange ideas & information.

Today, conference and meeting rooms are used for collaboration both within the room and with people in other locations.  These spaces are used for Presentations, Audio Conferencing and Video Conferencing as well as a variety of other forms of Team Interaction.  Rooms can be minimal in functionality, or highly enabled, but in all cases our goal is to create a simple, seamless, and highly consistent technology experience.  We want people to focus on their work, not on getting the technology to work.

Our solutions are built around each of our customer’s individual and unique corporate cultures and are tailored to meet End User needs, capabilities and usage requirements.  We focus on simple or even completely automated interfaces, minimal setup times, and intuitive system designs so that every space can be used confidently and with little or no training required.  We leverage the very latest in technological trends to help our customers optimize their collaboration workflows.  And we provide trackable, serviceable systems capable of proactive care and maintenance to minimize downtimes and help desk impact.

Immersive Telepresence

We offer the RealPresence Immersive Solution for executives and business owners that require the highest-quality collaboration experience. The immersive environment is the most robust conference and collaboration system in the industry. It provides an environment where the visual, audio, and collaboration experiences feel like a real in-person discussion. The simple to use solution requires no management and integrates seamlessly with video and UC environments, as well as other telepresence systems.

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