Frequency Audio Visual to Showcase Innovative Audiovisual Solutions at 2023 ISACS Annual Conference

Article by Alec Gorecki, President, Frequency Audio Visual Services (October 2023)

Columbus, OH, November 2-3, 2023 – Frequency Audio Visual is proud to announce its participation as an exhibitor at the 2023 ISACS Annual Conference. The event, designed for academic educators and administrators, is set to bring together a dynamic community of professionals eager to explore new and innovative ideas that enhance the learning experience for ISACS community members across member schools.

The 2023 ISACS Annual Conference boasts an impressive lineup, featuring over 170 speakers and 160 sessions, all packed into two days. Attendees can anticipate the latest research and practical applications presented by industry leaders and experts.

Frequency Audio Visual, a trusted technology partner of the ISACS organization, will showcase its cutting-edge audiovisual solutions tailored to academic environments. With a commitment to delivering customized classroom solutions that cater to the unique needs of each institution, Frequency Audio Visual has gained a reputation for providing cost-effective solutions that enhance interactive educational experiences for students while offering professional development opportunities for instructors. The company focuses on embracing and leveraging technology to create a dynamic and engaging academic environment.

Jacob Isaac, Director of Technology & Client Services, expressed his confidence in Frequency Audio Visual, stating, “Frequency Audio Visual has built solutions specifically tailored to our needs, and they stand behind every product and project. They are our long-term partner for all audiovisual solutions and support.”

Alexander Gorecki, President of Frequency Audio Visual, emphasized the company’s dedication to simplifying the adoption of new technologies in academic settings, saying, “Frequency Audio Visual is committed to making the adoption of new technologies easier for academic stakeholders. We perform the due diligence of researching industry-standard, state-of-the-art, and emerging technologies and serve as trusted advisers and turnkey providers of the audiovisual solutions that power classrooms and academic institutions.”

At the 2023 ISACS Annual Conference, Frequency Audio Visual will present a range of solutions, including:

1. Hybrid Classroom Solutions: Frequency Audio Visual’s innovative technologies transform traditional classrooms into interactive and hybrid learning spaces, enhancing the teaching and learning experience, while also promoting access and equity for all students, regardless of their learning needs or physical location.

2. Gaming and Esports Integration: Explore how Frequency Audio Visual’s solutions support the burgeoning world of gaming and esports in academic institutions, creating exciting opportunities for both education and recreation, fostering student engagement and teamwork.

3. Content Libraries and Lesson Plan Augmentation: Discover how Frequency Audio Visual partners with specialized technology manufacturers and content providers to facilitate access to content libraries and lesson plan augmentation tools which empower educators to create dynamic and engaging lessons that captivate students’ attention, support diverse learning styles, and enhance learning outcomes.

Frequency Audio Visual invites all conference attendees to visit their exhibit to learn more about these solutions and how they can benefit academic environments. As the trusted technology partner of ISACS, Frequency Audio Visual is committed to advancing the educational landscape through the seamless integration of innovative audiovisual solutions, with a strong focus on promoting access, equity, and inclusivity in education.

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About Frequency Audio Visual:
Frequency Audio Visual is a leading provider of audiovisual solutions tailored to academic environments. With a focus on customized classroom solutions, professional development opportunities, and the integration of emerging technologies, Frequency Audio Visual is the trusted partner of educational institutions seeking to embrace and leverage technology for enhanced learning experiences.