Flexible Spaces

Large and flexible event and gathering spaces are designed to support meetings and presentations with higher head counts than traditional conference rooms, or in configurations which rearrange to meet the needs of the specific group using the space. The underlying collaboration need is the same as a traditional conference room, however, the equipment needs to address the visual and acoustic challenges attached to larger spaces.

We specialize in designing and installing Audio & Video Systems which provide “best of breed” functionality in flexible spaces and we have extensive experience in anticipating almost every type of usage need so that we can deploy systems which will perform flawlessly even with atypical room configurations.

We install large format projectors and projection screens, multiple display video distribution systems, overhead audio systems, microphone systems with voice lift, lighting controls, and meeting capture solutions to provide a limitless palate of technological features. And then we apply extremely intuitive Graphical User Interfaces to allow for easy control and configuration by support staff and end users alike.

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