Classrooms, Interactive Collaboration, and Learning

Digital Learning Environments are the most effective means for students to engage and interact. We install systems that are easy for instructors to operate, easy for facilities to support, and enjoyable for students to experience. We believe that focus in the classroom should be on the material, not the technology. We use the latest solutions to offer learning features such as wireless presentation, touch interactivity, and digital collaboration environments.

The recent COVID-19 pandemic has put a strain on our ability to educate using traditional classrooms.

Virtual Classrooms are a strong alternative to in-person teaching environments.

Frequency Audio-Visual can provide immediate support to retrofit traditional classrooms with cameras, microphones, speakers, and software to extend the classroom into the home. We partner with conferencing and collaboration manufacturers to provide direct access to solutions which can be rolled out immediately and which can scale to support any size of classroom or virtual gathering.

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