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Audio and Video Conference Room Solutions

Our Installations

  • We design each installation uniquely to fit your space and end user needs
  • Our team installs the audio and video conferencing in a timely manner with minimal downtime or operational interruption
  • We offer ongoing support, as well as warranties for our products
  • We work with your Contractors, Designers, I.T. & Phone Professionals to provide “turn-key” fully operational, end to end solutions
  • We provide internal support team training as well as end user training

Video Conferencing

  • Simplify end user experience
  • Collaborate, share documents, visual points, motion & graphics, etc.
  • Connect people globally at any time: saving time, travel expenses, and lowering your carbon footprint
  • Provide operational efficiency with easy to use, plug ‘n play technology
  • Optimize work flow & information sharing

Video Conferencing & Unified Collaboration

In ever evolving business environments, how we collaborate determines our success. Whether internally amongst co-workers or externally with vendors and customers, our ability to communicate quickly, accurately, securely and effectively drives our productivity and improves our bottom line.

Improvements in technology continue to drive collaboration in increasingly creative and powerfully effective ways. For many years, communication was limited to telephone and “snail” mail collaboration. The emergence of the internet and its related technologies accelerated the exchange of information exponentially, and are now inseparable from business environments. Standards like email and Voice over IP, however, have their own limitations. When compared to how information is exchanged using social media, smart phones and texting, instant messaging, and ever emerging “apps” for mobile and desktop devices, email & voicemail can be downright archaic.

Video Conferencing and Infrastructure Solutions are the best way to improve communication. Only 7% of our communication involves actual words. 38% is vocal, and 55% is body language. If you can’t see a person, or clearly understand their tone of voice, speed, or inflection, then you are missing a majority of the information they are trying to convey. The goal of all Unified Collaboration technology is to optimize our communication and convey as much information as possible, in the least amount of time, and in the most easily consumable way.

Video Conferencing FAQ